20 the Best Drumstick Leaves Benefits

Drumstick is one of the most popular expensive and delicious vegetables. Drumstick’s scientific name Moringa Oleifera originate in the sub-Indian subcontinent, but this tree grows all over the world except in winter. The perennial varieties produce frequent crops throughout the year. The flowers are always visible on the tree, the small pod. There are 2-5 types of Moringa available in the world. Moringa is an ideal vegetable tree for the home. Drumstick Leaves or Tree Protects People from 300 Diseases. The nutrition of the leaves in the sausage can not be finished. The best 20 benefit of Drumstick leaves herbal nutrient is discussed.

Drumstick Leaves Benefits

Miracle Tree: The leaves of the Moringa tree are called miracle leaves. It is the most nutritious herb in the world. Researchers call Drumstick Leaf the Nutrition Super Food and the Drumstick Tree called the Miracle Tree.
Drumstick leaves nutrition: Scientists call it Drumstick as ‘nutrient dynamite’. The tree provides nutrients, herbs and produces throughout the year so it is a ‘multivitamin tree’ in the courtyard of the house.

Nutritional value per 100 g Drumstick leaves 

Energy 64 kcal (270 kJ)
Carbohydrates 8.28 g
Dietary fiber 2.0 g
Fat 1.40 g
Protein 9.40 g
Vitamins Quantity%DV
Vitamin A equiv. 47%

378 μg

Thiamine (B1) 22%

0.257 mg

Riboflavin (B2) 55%

0.660 mg

Niacin (B3) 15%

2.220 mg

Pantothenic acid (B5) 3%

0.125 mg

Vitamin B6 92%

1.200 mg

Folate (B9) 10%

40 μg

Vitamin C 62%

51.7 mg

Minerals Quantity%DV
Calcium 19%

185 mg

Iron 31%

4.00 mg

Magnesium 41%

147 mg

Manganese 17%

0.36 mg

Phosphorus 16%

112 mg

Potassium 7%

337 mg

Sodium 1%

9 mg

Zinc 6%

0.6 mg

Other constituents Quantity
Water 78.66 g

Quality of Drumstick leaves

Scientists think that the leaves of Sojina are nutritious. Vegetarians can benefit the most from Moringa Oleifera leaves. Compared on the basis of the amount, Sajina leaf of the same weight contains Orange Lemon 7 times Vitamin C, 4 times more calcium than milk and two times more non-vegetarian food, 4 times the vitamin A in carrot, 3 times the potassium in the banana. Scientists also say that Sajina leaf contains many essential nutrients in the body, including 42% non-vegetarian food, 125% calcium, 61% magnesium, 41% potassium, 71% iron, 272% vitamin A and 22% vitamin C.

One tablespoon of dried Drumstick leaves powder is supplied to children in the age group of 1 to 2 years by adding 14% of the essential Amish, 40% calcium and 23% iron and vitamin A. With 5 tablespoons daily, the drumstick leaf powder is able to supply all the calcium and iron needed by a pregnant or lactating mother.

Drumstick Oil: Drumstick dried seeds are available in 38-40% edible oils to contain high levels of organic acids which are resistant to various diseases. The oil has no smell and is just as standard as any other edible oil. The oil obtained after extraction is used as fertilizer and also for water treatment.

Medicinal Properties of Drumstick: According to the Indian Ayurvedic Scriptures, Drumstick tree protects people from 300 kinds of disease. Modern science also supports this. Drumstick pods are most commonly used as a vegetable. Drumsticks bark, roots, flowers, fruits, leaves, seeds, and even gum have herbal medicinal properties.

20 the Best Drumstick Leaves Benefits

Drumstick Leaves

01. Body Pain: If there is pain or swelling in any part of the body, then the pain and swelling can be cured by the coating of the root of Moringa.
02. Ear pain: If the juice of Drumstick’s roots is given in the ear, the pain of the ear is cured.
03. Headache: Moringa’s ginger can be cured by playing with milk. Massaging the glue on the forehead helps relieve the headache.
04. Boil essence: Drumstick eighteen drops are cured.
05. Urinary tract and asthma: Urine is eliminated when Drumstick flowers mixed with milk. Flower juice is particularly useful for asthma.
06. Protecting from gas: Mixing salt with Drumstick leaf juice and feeding it removes gas stored in children’s stomach.
07. Dog bites: Grind the Drumstick leaves and mix it with garlic, turmeric, salt and pepper, and the poison of the dog is destroyed.
08. Fever and cold: Painful fever and colds are eliminated by playing leaves.
09. Diabetes mellitus: Diagnosis of diabetes mellitus Drumstick leaf juice is good for diabetes.
10. Constipation and eyesight: Moringa’s flower eliminates constipation and enhances eyesight.
11. Drumstick flower is cooked with milk and plays regularly to increase libido. Its chutney increases digestion.
12. Rheumatoid Arthritis: Drumstick fruit is cooked regularly and is relieved from rheumatoid arthritis.
13. Crimson and tetanus: The bitter fruit of Drumstick is useful in the treatment of crimson, liver and spleen, paralysis and tetanus.
14. Depression, sciatica: Massage oil of Drumstick seeds removes various arthritis pain, fatigue, sciatica, numbness, and skin diseases.
15. Moringa leaves juice benefits Leaf juice is used to treat heart disease and increase blood flow.
16. Drumstick juice is also used as antiseptic for pork bites.
17. Moringa Oleifera leaves paste is useful for healing wounds.
18. Drumstick strengthens the body’s immune system. Helps to remove toxins from the body, remove heavy metals, and take radiation and chemotherapy to the body.
19. Intestine & Prostate Infection: Drumstick works against various types of infections.
20. Breathing, headaches, migraine, arthritis, and Hair fall are effective in treating diseases.

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